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BarraFIT Athlete Progress System

Can You Become a Fitness Black Belt? What Would That Mean To You?

People get into fitness for a variety of reasons. Some people wanted to get healthy, while others claimed they tried to get fit and look good.

Whatever a person's fitness goals are, it is preferable to have an effective fitness program to maximize the efficacy of our efforts. It is also very important to keep you motivated to establish a sustainable routine of training that will keep delivering health and fitness results over time.

BarraFIT studios combine the science of athletics with a welcoming training environment for everyone. We motivate our community's athletes by integrating the fundamentals of a Martial Arts philosophy with a data-driven fitness experience.

A Fitness Program Rooted In Martial Arts and Driven by Science

For many years, fitness classes have existed to add vital components that help us maintain our minds and bodies healthy and fit. Fitness programming employs science and muscular, neurological, and metabolic adaptation principles to create training stages to achieve desirable fitness improvement.

BarraFit offers a distinctive experience blending the core principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to create a fitness program tailored to assist people of all ages and levels in achieving their fitness goals.

One of such elements is a grading system. Becoming a black belt in any serious martial arts is a hard task. It requires years, sometimes even decades for an individual to achieve the requirements and level of proficiency worthy of a black belt.

This long-term journey is smoothed by a culture that celebrates small achievements and big accomplishments. The Brazilian Jiu-JItsu belt system with colored belts and stripes on each belt is the tool through which this culture is created.

Much like Jiu-Jitsu, it is important for us to have big ambitious goals for our fitness journey, and yet make sure we are able to express such goals in monthly, weekly, and eventually daily goals that will keep us motivated and on track.

This is exactly where the BarraFIT Athlete Progress System comes in place.

BarraFIT Athlete Progress System (APS)

BarraFIT seeks to develop a strong mind as the foundation for a strong and fit body. One of the distinctive methods we accomplish is by instilling the same values that we teach in regular Jiu-Jitsu practitioners to help them succeed in their endeavors.

BarraFIT uses Athlete Progress System to track your fitness progress along your fitness journey.

Fitness Goals

All BarraFIT athletes are encouraged to set defined fitness goals at the start of their fitness journey. You can specify your primary motivation and actual fitness goals are so that the program can be adjusted to your needs and maximize your efforts.

Fitness Assessment

Fitness assessment uses a body composition scan technology to set the critical baselines for the BarraFIT Athlete Progress System on:

Weight loss goals

Body fat percentage goals

Body metrics

BarraFIT APS Bands

Instead of using belts as typical ranking in martial arts, BarraFIT Athlete Progress System uses colored bands to see the progression of your martial art fitness.

All athletes are given a white band to identify them as starters once the baseline has been created.

The APS progression is as follows:

  • White Band

  • Blue Band

  • Purple Band

  • Brown Band

  • Black Band

Monthly Assessment

Athletes are invited to a monthly evaluation to track their progress and climb up the rankings as they reach significant fitness goals.

How Does Athlete Progress System Work?

Progression is based on time, BarraFIT Consistency Score, and BarraFIT Fitness Test. The APS Score rewards points for consistent attendance of a minimum of two sessions per week. One week of consistent attendance scores 1 point.

BarraFIT goes above and beyond the traditional "get in shape" goal. Our science-based, carefully planned programs will lead to a specific result depending on your fitness goals. With the help of the Athlete Progress System (APS), it keeps track of your progress in a fun and effective way.

Looking forward to sharing the mats with you.

Professor Flavio Almeida

5tyh Degree Black Belt

5x Jiu-Jitsu World Champion

Co-Founder of the BarraFIT Studio of Scottsdale


BarraFIT in Scottsdale Arizona

BarraFIT, a top-ranked fitness studio in Scottsdale, Arizona offers programs inspired by martial arts and driven by science to help you achieve your fitness goals while feeling great.

Fitness should not be a chore. By emphasizing the progress that occurs when we are outside of our comfort zones, we teach our athletes to discover comfort in discomfort. It's rewarding since you can derive pride and confidence from daily practice.

If you are curious about our unique approach to fitness, book a class with us below.

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