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Are We Doing Ourselves Any Favors?

Unpredictability can be stressful. The experience of not knowing what comes next can weigh heavily on all of us. These unforeseen circumstances can come in the form of illness and injury.

Ironically, I’ve found that these experiences stem from routine. Whether it’s a bad diet or a fitness program that runs you into the ground, what you do daily determines your health. And, the longer you stick to something negative, the more shocking the consequences of those actions become later.

If you find yourself sick or injured, you haven’t done yourself any favors. At BarraFIT, we are more than a fitness studio. We’ve cultivated an environment that espouses teamwork through coaching support.

We promote an organic concept connecting mind-body-spirit to unleash the athlete within you in our fitness studio. We will help you with your fitness journey.

How? Keep reading to learn more!

Crush Your Fitness Goals With Excellent Coaching Support

In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gracie Barra is a school with a reputation for producing the best BJJ athletes in the world. Sure, genetics and training come into play. But we believe what set the academy apart from others in Brazil was the coaching support.

The origins of BarraFIT can be traced back to the strength and conditioning training that was part of the experience of training at Gracie Barra in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the 1990s.

Back in Gracie Barra, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. was not just a coach who barked orders. He was genuinely interested in our progress — as athletes and as people.

Master Carlos Gracie Jr. believed his students should be in good condition and encouraged them to complement their Jiu-Jitsu training with habits to improve their cardio, strength, and flexibility.

We bring this lesson to BarraFIT Scottsdale. Here, you are not alone in your fitness journey. The coaching staff and your BarraFIT family are with you every step of the way.

Safely Train Barefoot on the Mats

Indeed, it isn’t fun doing barefoot workouts on wood or concrete. Nor do we consider it safe. This is why the BarraFIT studio is equipped with a large matted area covering nearly the entire training floor.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a BarraFIT Strength, Flex, or Performance class. Your safety is our top priority as you work on your strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Share Your Journey in an Environment Built on Teamwork

The BarraFIT studio is a community environment. It is a home where you can train with like-minded individuals on the road to optimum fitness and wellness.

We at BarraFIT promote a family atmosphere where we encourage each other to be better. BarraFIT is a supportive place where you can unleash the athlete within you.

Do Yourself a Favor and Pick a BarraFIT Program for You!

Again, do it for you. Depending on your goals, you can choose any of the four BarraFIT programs we offer. Choose from:

● BarraFIT Strength

● BarraFIT Performance

● BarraFIT Flex

● BarraFIT Combat

Make your health, wellness, and physical preparedness a priority. Sign up for a BarraFIT class and unleash the athlete within!

Let the enthusiasm and energy of the BarraFIT Team be your fuel!

Flavio Almeida | Co-Founder BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale

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