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Hungry, Healthy, and Happy

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Health and happiness are the end goals of everything we do in life. At BarraFIT, we believe that the key to both is through physical training and a supportive community of like-minded practitioners.

We at BarraFIT offer both. Give it a try to one of our 45-minute training programs to unlock the athlete within you. We believe that if you’ve got a body and a hunger for fitness, you are an athlete.

Our programs, along with a healthy diet and desire to improve, will deliver the best results. Whether you’re with us for self-care or weight loss, we have a program for you.

Check out some of our program offerings!

Train Your Physical Resilience With BarraFIT Combat

In just 45 minutes, no contact, you can be combat-ready for the streets and life. BarraFIT Combat contains striking and bodyweight drills that train your ability to strike, move, and do both with relative ease.

If you’re after physical preparedness and mental toughness, BarraFIT Combat is the class for you!

Grow Stronger With BarraFIT Strength

Strength is the foundation of everything challenging we do. Whenever we get out of bed, swing a kettlebell, we need to produce force. Without strength, we’re doomed to a life of dependence and illness.

This doesn’t have to be your fate. In a BarraFIT Strength class, expect improvements in your force production and muscular endurance. The 45-minute class consists of bodyweight movements and kettlebells for resistance training, power and conditioning.

Stave off weakness with BarraFIT Strength!

Train Everything With BarraFIT Performance!

Sometimes, it pays to be physically functional. And, by physically functional, we’re talking about being ready for any possible physical life obstacle. It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing walls or snatching a 24-kilo bell. If you start saying “I can’t do that!”, you’ve got serious gaps in your fitness and health.

BarraFIT Performance can mold you into a dangerously well-rounded athlete. We incorporate HIIT-inspired moves to give you a better engine and a lean and toned musculature to match.

Move With a Purpose With BarraFIT Flex

Flexibility and mobility are often overlooked, the free movement of your joints is key. Flexibility and mobility can determine the quality of your movements and your risk for injury.

BarraFIT Flex brings dynamic movement drills accompanied by exercises and stretches that remove tension and lead to better movement.

BarraFIT Flex teaches more than mobility and flexibility. It trains you to move with purpose — pain-free and with ease!

Choose Your Weapon!

Whether you’re after strength, fitness, weight loss, combat-readiness, or mobility, BarraFIT has a program for you. We’ve also recently opened a new fitness studio in Scottsdale. Become a member today and unleash the athlete that lies within you!

Vivi Almeida | Co-Founder BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale

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