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6 Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For Your Health

We don’t need medals at the end of the journey to make training worthwhile. In fact, we can get the most out of any physical activity if we do it for one goal — our health.

For us at BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale, we believe there is no greater goal. You may not play a sport, but if you have a body, you are an athlete.

Here are six reasons why exercise is good for your health!

#1: Strength

Exercise develops muscles that do more than make us look amazing at the beach. The right kind of exercises like those found in our BarraFIT Strength class train your muscle fibers for force production.

Strength allows us to dominate on the mats and in life. Without it, how can we enjoy independence and increased capability? Easy. We don’t!

#2: Cardiovascular Health

Health and fitness go beyond having a well-defined six-pack. We at BarraFIT believe that everyone should train the most important muscle in the body — the heart. Cardio exercises like HIIT and steady-state cardio are the most effective ways to improve your heart health.

In 4 different unique experiences, whichever BarraFIT class you choose, we train for health and work capacity. Your heart (and lungs) will thank you!

#3: Community

Every fitness program has its community. We have the same thing at BarraFIT. We believe in coaching and teamwork to develop the athlete within you.

Let’s face it. Exercise can be tough. With a community of people going through the same difficulties as you, you form bonds. At BarraFIT, we’re not just a fitness studio. We’re family devoted to offering you a welcoming environment to train in!

#4: Mental Health

We cannot ignore the effect inactivity has on mental health. Exercise can be a powerful tool for easing the signs and symptoms of neurotic problems like depression and anxiety.

Exercise, if intense enough, releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Endorphins have been shown to increase pain tolerance and boost mood significantly.

If you need a pick-me-up that doesn’t involve health risks, get some exercise!

#5: Improved Metabolism

Admit it. Part of the reason you’re signing up for a BarraFIT program is to look good. With our 45-minute classes, you can!

Exercising uses up carbohydrates and, at times, fats for fuel. With a proper diet and enough recovery, you can see the inches melting off your waist.

#6: Improved Readiness

Strength, metabolism, cardio, and mental health can add up to improve one thing — your level of preparedness. Besides looking and moving better, exercise gives you the tools to handle whatever life can throw at you.

Get All in One Place and in Just 45 Minutes!

All it takes is 45 minutes in a welcoming environment to get all the benefits mentioned above. At BarraFIT, you can get all and more with any of our sessions. Our organic experience will be able to provide you with a full connection with your mind-body-spirit.

We commit to inspiring the athlete within. Be a BarraFIT athlete and unleash the athlete in you!

Vivi Almeida | Co-Founder BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale

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