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Fitness Goal Setting — The Importance of Knowing Your “Why”

Every time I take on a new athlete at the BarraFIT studio, I ask three questions:

First, I ask about any pre-existing injuries.

Second, I ask them about the athlete's fitness or athletic background.

The third is the most important question, and that’s why I ask it last. I ask the athlete a simple question — “Why do you want to invest in your fitness journey?”.

You don’t need me to ask you this. However, it is a question you should ask yourself. Knowing your purpose for training determines so many things.

The answer to your “why” determines whether or not you can stick to a program and diet. A clear purpose will also clarify your goals. In its capacity to tell you why you should show up to a session, your “why” will also remind you of what matters most.

Your“Why” Points You to Your Goals.

By asking yourself the reasons behind why you want to train, you’ll see what you want to get out of training. For example, I had to ask myself why I wanted to be a black belt in jiu-jitsu. Thinking of it for a while, one of my answers was to be empowered so I could empower others.

My mission is inspire the athlete within!

You can achieve whatever you want to achieve in fitness. It starts with asking yourself your “why”.

Knowing Why You Train Removes Comparison.

One of the things that make newcomers uneasy about beginning training is comparison. It is also a problem for more seasoned athletes who compare their performance with others.

It’s normal for us to compare ourselves to others. When we clarify our reasons for training, the need for comparison evaporates. After all, your BarraFIT companion may choose mobility and flexibility as goals. You, on the other hand, might choose strength.

Neither of your goals is superior. They’re just different. Why compare? Go on your own organic experience and enjoy the ride!

You’ll Learn About What Matters to You the Most.

Try writing down your fitness goals. Do you want strength? Are you in this for better movement? Do you want to feel safer when you walk the streets? Maybe you just want to meet new friends in an environment with coaching support and teamwork.

Your goals are not just items on a list you tick off. They reveal your priorities. For example, if you just signed up for a BarraFIT Flex class, maybe you value independence through free movement. Also, by signing up for any BarraFIT class, you reveal that you value fitness and camaraderie.

Kick Your Goals and Kick Start Your Fitness Journey with BarraFIT!

Whatever your goals or reasons for training, we’re here for you. We at BarraFIT will be with you every step of the way as you crush all your fitness goals.

Unleash the athlete within you in an environment built on teamwork and family! Check us out at BarraFIT Scottsdale!

Vivi Almeida | Co-Founder BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale

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1 Comment

Gina Scholl
Gina Scholl
Sep 02, 2021

So true! I train Barrafit in Burleson, Texas and LOVE this program. My WHY was to find my passion for fitness again after an injury being thrown off a horse. This program has improved so many areas of my life. Thank you for caring about other people's health and wanting to inspire us with a quality training program that is sustainable for any level athlete. As I grow stronger each day, I dream bigger of what my body could be capable of. I love that my coach Rachel Roberts and my team supports the "WHY". Together we are stronger, and the Gracie Barra family is truly unstoppable. - ❤️ a Barrafit athlete

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