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What Are the Health Benefits of Barefoot Workouts?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

If you’re a fellow fitness fanatic, it’s likely that you’ve spotted a few of your favorite trainers or athletes working out without shoes. You may be wondering if this is a good option for you.

There’s a reason we train barefoot in the BarraFIT Studio. Training barefoot is an organic workout. It’s a natural way to improve flexibility, mobility, strength, and performance in a way that training in shoes can’t offer.

A barefoot workout is also amazing for non-athletic reasons. By ditching your shoes for a while, you can improve your sleep cycle, heart health, and psychological well-being.

A barefoot workout on the mats can get you all these benefits and more. Here are the health benefits of working out barefoot or with barefoot shoes — anywhere, or on the BarraFIT mats!

1. Better Knee Health

As a culture, we’ve grown accustomed to wearing shoes that provide cushions for our feet.

As a result, there is an element of instability under our soles. With parts of the shoes sinking due to the cushion, the arches of our feet tend to collapse. This causes our knees to internally rotate a bit.

This is bad news since our knees have to naturally be pointing forward or slightly outward. Internally rotated knees can cause a lot of pain later on in life. And, if you’re athletic, you can experience problems whenever you jump, sprint, or squat.

2. Improved Ankle Flexibility

You might think you have flexible ankles. If you do, give this a try:

Squat as low as you can barefoot and look at a mirror. Do you see your heels come up? If you do, it’s a sign that your ankles aren’t as flexible as you think. And, this is all because of working out in shoes.

A barefoot workout on the mats will train your ankle mobility. Whenever we do goblet squats in our BarraFIT strength class, we keep our feet planted. Being barefoot tells you right away if your heels are rising.

3. Stronger Foot Mechanics

We all like to talk about the core, hips, and lower back. All these areas fall apart without good foot mechanics. The feet are responsible for creating the essential condition for training these three areas — stability.

Foot mechanics allow the feet to support our body weight efficiently. By learning how to shift weight between our feet barefoot, we create a stable and strong foundation. A sound structural foundation helps us with other exercises like lifting, running, and jumping.

Training in shoes causes us to be over-reliant on the ability of our shoes to bend. This causes our feet to be stiff. Now in the BarraFIT Studio and life, we don’t want that! We want to provide you the best experience during your workout!!!

No Shoes? No Problem!

At BarraFIT, we inspire the athlete within a family environment that trains you for life. Our four 45-minute programs give you four opportunities at a barefoot workout that is both effective and fun.

Unleash the athlete within you here at BarraFIT Scottsdale!

Vivi Almeida | Co-Founder BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale

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