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You May Feel Intimidated but Remember: You Do Belong

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Are you thinking of beginning your fitness journey but feel a bit intimidated? If you do, you’re not alone.

We’ve all had our shares of struggles. Whether it’s body image issues or social anxiety, there’s always something that keeps people from showing up at the studio. In refusing to start, we close not only the studio’s doors on us, but also the doors on a life-changing experience.

We get it. Joining a gym is its own challenge to many, and it may come from feeling like the gym isn’t your place. You’re reluctant to start being healthier and fitter because you feel isolated from the regular gym crowd.

Nobody was born a black belt. Even the most seasoned athletes had to start somewhere. But, know that you have us! At BarraFIT, we aim to get you started with more than the right programming. We strive to be your tribe.

We believe in coaching and teamwork to develop the athlete within you.

So long as you’ve got a body, you’re an athlete — a BarraFIT athlete!

BarraFIT Is Not Just a Fitness Studio — It’s a Family Orientated Fitness Studio

In all our years of training and teaching, we’ve noticed one thing: athletes and practitioners who feel close to the studio stay. We see this in ourselves as well.

At BarraFIT, we may train hard, but we also make sure we never forget about the others in the studio. We’ve learned that nothing cements bonds better than shared experiences.

In struggling together, we form strong bonds. Training with others in BarraFIT no longer feels like your run-of-the-mill fitness membership — our community now feels like a family.

Be a member of BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale and you join more than a gym — you become a part of our tight-knit community!

A Welcoming Environment Awaits You at BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale!

Each of our instructors commit to inspiring the athlete within. We do this with a two-pronged approach — one that involves sound programming and community.

Our 45-minute sessions contain tons of partner drills for two reasons. The obvious one is to improve your level of fitness to a point where you become comfortable in your own body.

The second reason is equally important, if not more. Our programming at BarraFIT was designed to reinforce one lesson. That lesson is the importance of human connection.

With these goals in mind, we promote a welcoming environment. We believe that you can bring something to the table — whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner in fitness.

At BarraFIT, you can say goodbye to gym intimidation and meet new friends and training partners. Here, community lies at the very heart of what we aim to accomplish!

Experience training with a group of like-minded individuals here at BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale!

Smart Programming and Community — The BarraFIT Way

We believe in this saying:

“Go fast alone. Go far together.”

At BarraFIT, we strive to take you far in your fitness journey. Be a BarraFIT athlete and know that you belong.

Vivi Almeida | Co-Founder BarraFIT Studio Scottsdale

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